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Aether Wears

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Custom Fursuit Parts

  • Furry Ears

  • Furry Tails

  • LED Light Up Parts

  • Fursuit Heads

  • And More...

Located in NY, USA

Price Range: $$

Custom Furry Ears

Faux Fur Ears widely prices vary depending on complexity.
Our bouncy, furry ears are 4.5” tall, and have a wonderful wiggle to them when you walk or bounce around. A metal headband is included with each set of ears. One size fits most teens and adults. These ears are fully adjustable on the metal headband!

Starting at $35

Custom Furry Tails

Faux Fur Tail widely prices vary depending on complexity.
Our faux fur tails feature 1 to 2 webbing belt loops sewn flat to the base for stability. Airbrushed and sewn markings are also available! 

Starting at $55

LED Light Up Parts

Glowing Ears and Tails are our signature, and we pride ourselves on adding LEDs to almost every type of Ear or Tail.

Starting at $65

Fursuit Heads

Aetherwears offers a variety of techniques for fursuit heads. Our clients have a choice of resin, foam, and 3D printed bases. All bases are covered in a soft lining and additional foam for comfort. Our fursuit heads usually slip on like a helmet.

Starting at $1,050

Custom Furry Ears

Realistic Red Fox Ears

Fluffy Red Fox Ears

Black and Red Airbrushed Kitten Ears

Gray and Black Cosplay Bunny Ears

Deku Green Furry Ears

Galaxy Furry Ears

Brown Kelpie Puppy Ears


Custom Furry Tails

Gray Wolf Tail

Metallic Exotic Cat Tail

Red and Gray Curled Husky Tail

Large Red Fox Tail

Neon Green and Black Stripe Wolf Tail

Realistic Cheetah Tail

Medium Black and White Fox Tail

Rainbow Leopard Tail


Custom LED Light Up Parts

Pixel LED Leopard

Glowing Skinny Leopard Tail

Cheshire Cat Tail with LED


Light Up Bunny Ears

Custom Leopard LED Tail 7" Long

Pixel LED Canine Tail


Custom Fursuit Heads

Black Dragon Head with LED hair and eyes

Pink Gryphon Custom Order

Sinister Wolf Head with Leds (Work in progresses included)

Blue Werewolf Fursuit Head


Purple Dragon Fursuit Head with Uv Eyes

Skull Monster Fursuit With Horns

Horde and Alliance Dino Fursuit Collection

Shadow The Radio Gray Wolf Suit


Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase

Emilie Grube

OMG My 6 year old got these for her red panda costume and they are perfect. They fit well with a furry hoodie and she wears them constantly.

Verified Purchase


I ordered the custom L.E.D. canine tail for a big project. The tail I needed  was striped with light blue and red lights in the base. Aetherwears responded quickly to my request and was prepared to take on the challenge! 
The process and price were the first things we talked about, being extremely helpful to answer any questions I needed to know. 
At the end, an unexpected issue occured, where the red didn't shine through the blue of the fur very well so Aetherwears went above and beyond making several more colors and patterns in the lights than originally requested to make up for something we didn't count on. I was surprised/ so happy that they were willing to do that just because of something so minor in my mind!
Aetherwears was so kind and generous working with me and I'll be coming back in the future for another project down the road! Thank you! 


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