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Caerus Costumes

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Custom Sewn Costumes:

  • Anime Costumes

  • Cartoon Costumes

  • Video Game Costumes

  • Original Character Costumes

  • Caerus Original Variants

Located in QC, Canada

Price Range: $$

Anime/Cartoon Costumes

Custom sewn Anime and Cartoon costumes, tailored to your exact measurements. Cosplay as your favorite characters, including Starfire from Teen Titans, Keith from Voltron, Mizore Shirayuki from Rozario+Vampire and so much more.

Starting at $350 (USD)

Video Game Costumes

Custom sewn Video Game costumes, tailored to your exact measurements.   Cosplay as your favorite characters, including Fortnite Zoey, Valtr from Bloodbourne, Mad Moxxi from Borderlands, Gerudo Link and much more.

Starting at $500 (USD)

Original Character Costumes

Have an idea in your head for a costume or original character but don’t know how to design or just can’t find the inspiration? I would love to create an original design for you based off your ideas and then bring it to life!

Starting at $800 (USD)

Caerus' Original Variants

Have a favourite video game/anime/cartoon character that you absolutely love but not a fan of it’s design? Let’s design and bring to life a cooler, more suitable version of that character!

Starting at $700 (USD)

Example Custom Sewn Anime/Cartoon Costumes

Rosario+Vampire - Mizore Shirayuki

Teen Titans - Starfire

Parasyte - Shinichi Izumi

Scott Pilgrim - Ramona Flowers

Voltron - Keith Jacket Pleather and Cotton


Example Custom Sewn Video Game Costumes

Majora's Mask - Skull Kid

Breath of the Wild - Gerudo Link

Fortnite - Zoey

Borderlands - Mad Moxxi

For Honor - Nobushi

Bloodborne - Valtr, the Beast Eater


Example Original Character Costumes

White Warrior - Design by Caerus Costumes

Gretel - Design by Caerus Costumes

Ashelia - Design by Caerus Costumes


Caerus' Original Variants

It - Pennywise Design by Caerus Costumes

Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington Design by NoFlutter

Pokemon - Scorbunny - Easter Scorbunny Design by Caerus Costumes


Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase


Very kind and cooperative. Made the suit in the time I requested and it came out very well. It all fits and looks great. Thank you very much.

Verified Purchase


I asked Caerus for a special project a few years back. I wanted a jacket for my Shinichi Izumi cosplay from Parasyte the maxim and her work surpassed my expectations. She's very professional and she's working with you every step of the project to make sure that you're satisfied. I recommend her services definitely ! Very satisfied of my Parasyte cosplay and it looked badass! 

Verified Purchase


I commissioned her  to create a cosplay of Valtr from the game Bloodborne, this entailed her creating pants, a fancy button up shirt, a mini circle cape and a prop lantern attached to a belt. Before I even confirmed the commission, Caerus made a comprehensive breakdown of the costs of the cosplay which helped me feel more comfortable with proceeding, as well as accommodate a payment plan which helped me afford the cosplay. Throughout the entire process, Caerus consulted me on material choices, kept me informed on her timeline, sent many progress pictures and went the extra mile on adding special details to the cosplay that showed that she was dedicated to her craft. The result was such a high quality costume that I couldn't have been more happy with and has held up strong over 3 years of convention wear. 11/10 would recommend commission again! 


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