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Custom Made Full Armor

Custom Made Armor Parts

Custom Made Helmets

Custom Made Props

Custom Made Weapons

Located in NY, USA

Price Range: $$

Custom Made
Full Armor

Fully customized HD foam armor. I can make anything from medieval armor to sci-fi armor. Fully finished and painted!

Starting at $600

Custom Made Armor Parts

Fully customized HD foam armor parts. If you are putting together an armored cosplay or just want to replace a part! Greaves, bracers, chest pieces, and more!

Starting at $100

Custom Made Helmets

Fully customized HD foam helmets from all of your favorites series to any original character you can think of! 

Starting at $125

Custom Made Props

Fully customized HD foam props. Anything from Haunted House decorations, movie props, etc. Tombstones, hats, statues, decorations, bear traps, anything is possible!

Starting at $100

Custom Made Weapons

Fully customized HD foam weapons. From dragon slaying swords, to advanced futuristic plasma guns, and more!

Starting at $40

Custom Made Full Armor

Dalek Roboman



Custom Made Armor Parts

Fallout Power Armor 

Achilles Armor Parts


Custom Made Helmets

Bumblebee Helmet

The Hound Helmet - Game of Thrones

Iron Man Helmet

Fallout Power Armor Helmet

Medieval Helmet


Custom Made Props

Mayan Camazotz Batman Cowl Replica

Mud Monster Reaper

Grogu's Pram and Hat - Wall Hanger

Christmas Top Hats

Grogu Mandalorian

Moravian Christmas Star

Generic Skull Mask

Bear Trap

Saw Reverse Bear Trap Mask

Headset and Shoulder light - Aliens

Fortnite Kitsune Mask

Borderlands Psycho Mask


Custom Made Weapons


Mandalorian Blaster

Hellboy Guns

Dalek Roboman Gun

Starship Troopers Rifle

M56 Smartgun - Aliens

Fallout 4 Pistol

SCAR Rifle - Fortnite

M41 Pulse Rifle - Aliens

Benelli M4


Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase

anonymous buyer

I’m writing to endorse the exemplary cosplay prop creating work of Hellhammer Designs. I ordered a Smartgunner’s Headset (from the Colonial Marine heavy gunner in James Cameron’s Aliens) from Hellhammer and was quite pleased as he was an excellent communicator thought the build process. He consistently sent pictures and updates as he worked on the design and was open to input throughout. The project was delivered on time and was a great fit, with a great finish and looked exceptional at distance and close up. Most people don't know it is a foam-based build without close very inspection. I would highly recommend his work to anyone else looking to get a custom project built. Take a good look at his photos and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Verified Purchase


Hellhammer Designs made this for us this Christmas. He was efficient and always kept us in the loop. His work is phenomenal. 


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