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Custom Made Props

Custom Made Accessories

Custom Made Masks

Custom Printed Fabric

Custom Sewing Patterns

Located in MI, USA

Price Range: $$

Custom Made Props

Axes, swords, helmets, fantasy guns, or the magical top for a staff? All here! I can 3D model and print the items you need!
*Large props, such as swords, are only available as ‘kits’ of pieces due to shipping cost.

Starting at $45

Custom Made Accessories

Need that special belt buckle, an ornament on a necklace, or small armor pieces to put the finishing touch on your costume? Right here!

Starting at $30

Custom Made Masks

Need a hard surface mask for your costume? Japanese oni and kitsune, african masks, cyber headsets, ect.
*Latex/silicone/foam masks are not possible.

Starting at $70

Custom Printed Fabric

Does your character’s costume need a fabric with a special design? This is the service for you. I create a repeatable tile and have the fabric printed and shipped to your door!

Starting at $30 a yard

Custom Sewing Patterns

A custom PDF sewing pattern drafted to your measurements. Prints on 8.5x11 paper and is assembled by you at home. Stretch and non stretch fabrics, ball gowns, capes, jumpsuits, leotards, etc., the possibilities are endless!

Starting at $40

Custom Made Props

Kazuma Kuwabara - Spirit Sword

Yasha Bardbarian SpineHarp Kit

Netflix She-Rah RGB Sword

EverAfter Keyblade Kit


Custom Made Accessories

Bantha/Ram Horns

SAO - Kirito Armor Pieces

Kill La Kill- Jakuzure Skull

3D Modelled Horns - Ready To Print

Fire Emblem Ignatz Ignatz accessories

OC belt emblem

OC Fully Custom Bracers

Helltaker Horns

Nezuko Mouthpiece


Custom Made Masks

Custom Kitsune Mask

Demon Hunter Oni

Cat Eared Helmet

Kitsune Half Mask

CyberPunk Half Mask

Owl House- King Mask


Custom Printed Fabric

One Piece Shanks Fabric 

Custom Pattern - 1

Steven universe Fabric 

Audrey QR

BTS Pattern

Karma Kat

Less Busy Pattern


Custom Sewing Patterns

Custom Sized Sewing Pattern -Hilda - Fire Emblem

Custom Sized Sewing Pattern - Alastor Sewing Pattern

Custom Sized Sewing Pattern -Claude - Fire Emblem

Custom Sized Sewing Pattern -Kazuma Kuwabara


Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase

Chibree Cosplay

I had  very positive experience with Mr. Cyberpunk, my Strawberry Bell was very well made and he even 3d printed the bell when he couldn't find a real bell to use! I would definitely commission Mr. Cyberpunk again!

Verified Purchase


Mr. Cyberpunk gave me what I asked for.


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